Gear List

There is a lot of info about what to take on the Camino!  I have been trawling the internet and reading other people's experiences.  It seems everyone is different.  
St Jean Pied de Port, the starting point

Some say take only a sleep sack (!! in April!?!) others say a sleeping bag is essential. On this one, I am with the traditionalists and will take a down sleeping bag in a compression sack. 

Some say just send your gear onwards with a pack delivery service, others carry their gear. At the moment I'm planning to carry mine, but am flexible to see how things pan out.

Some say that you don't need boots, others that boots are essential...well, if you read my last post, you'll see that I may be going in runners. I wonder if I use runners whether I should take gaiters/shoe covers? for waterproofness when it rains? 

We shall the meantime, I have started thinking about a packing list, trying to keep it short and snappy.  My two concessions at the moment are the Kindle and a Merino poncho.  I think the Kindle might get scrapped, but the poncho might stay, it could be very useful on planes/trains/automobiles, and double as a pillow etc.

I'll be interested to hear if anyone has spotted items I may cull off ..or indeed, add?

Backpack (50l)
Black bin liner to line it with
Small day pack for the plane, must fit inside the backpack for carrying
Sleeping bag in small stuff/compression sack
Guide Book/Plastic cover/bag (or do I go electronic?)
Headtorch with new batteries/1 set spare batteries
Phone + Charger + multi plug for Europe + Solar Charger/9V battery
Kindle + Charger (may cull this off list?)
Sunscreen (small)
Reading Glasses
Foldable water bottle
Toilet paper, 1 roll
Small pump bottle of bedbug spray
Can opener
Neckwarmer/Tube Hat (to make)
Merino Poncho and brooch (for blanket on planes/trains and automobiles)
Earth Sea Sky Rain Coat
Fingerless Gloves
Boots x 1 or Shoes x 2 (one to wear, one to dry) depends on how my achillies tendon gets on over the next few months
Microfibre towel
2 bra (1 to wear)
4 pairs undies (Pack into plastic bag – 1 to wear))
3 pairs Squeezy Socks (pack into plastic bag – 1 to wear)
3 pairs ribless warm socks (see Farmlands) (pack into plastic bag – 1 to wear)
Following to all be in matching colourway – no denim (Roll and secure with Rubberbands)
1pr black leggings/double as thermals and pyjamas
2 x cotton trousers (maybe 1 x ¾ pants?)for walking in (1 to wear, 1 to dry)
3 x merino t-shirts (1 to wear, 2 to carry)
2 x long sleeved merino t-shirt
2 x merino wool singlet
1 x lightweight Merino longsleeved crossover top 
1 x Lightweight Polar Fleece with pocket
1 small bottle multipurpose soap/shampoo
Disposable Shaver
Toothbrush and paste
Medicines (not disclosed to public): Canesten, Voltaren, Diahorrea tabs, Panadol/Codeine, Losec, Daily Heart aspirin, Antinausea pills, Multi use Antibiotics (to get a prescription)
Strip plaster and tape/Compeed
Lanolin for feet (use before putting on socks)
Needle set with thread
Large safety pins
Tiny Scissors
Small Handsanitiser
Baby wipes
Twisty Washing Line

Credit Card
Money Pouch (to be worn) or make a Wrist Wallet (google it)

Inflatable Travel Pillow