I still get asked "Why"

The most common question I get asked when I tell people about my planned pilgrimage is "why?". It is a long and complicated answer not easy to put succinctly into an answer, for the reasons are many. My stammering responses often cause confusion and bewilderment. 

Here are a few of my answers, for what it's worth.

- to challenge myself now that I am in my fifties
- in honour of my parents who walked it when they were 60yrs and 70yrs respectively
- to clear my mind
- to follow in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who have gone before
- to relive my twenties when I walked across England  (306km)
- because travelling is in my blood

My father tells me that he and my mother took a small (I think) psalm book with them which had belonged to my grandmother and read a passage every night. He has asked that I take it with me, and I love the continuity which that represents. So I will carry it gladly.

Each pilgrim has their own reasons. I will be interested to discover other people's.