One Step Fowards, One Step Backwards

Big news, I have booked my outward bound tickets.  I am off at the end of March 2018.  I have a ticket to Paris, for I dearly want to see Versailles, where I'll do a bit of getting over jetlag before TGVing down to Bayonne.  Although I have visited Paris before, I have never made it to Versailles, which I hear is stunningly beautiful.  Paris in the Spring is just gorgeous, all green buds, crisp air and hopeful bulbs.

So, I feel more and more like this dream is coming to fruition.

But then, disaster struck. Only weeks after I went to the travel agent something went "ping" in the back of my leg while out walking. A pain in the back of my ankle and behind my knee crippled me for a few weeks, so that I limped the 4km to school and back with a gammy leg. Eventually when it wasn't getting any better I hobbled round the road to a Podiatrist.

His verdict, "tendonitis".  Exercises for strengthening my tendon were scary, I had not realised just how much power I had lost in my left leg. I can't even stand on it and get up on my tiptoes! dang...

However, after a week's worth of 45sec x 4 reps x 4 times a day I can feel that it is a little better.  I have a followup at the Podiatrist tomorrow.  More on that after my appointment.

What with the ongoing neuroma/arthritis in my right foot and now tendonitis in my left leg I am looking just a little odd as I walk about.

To deal with the numbness and tenderness in my right foot and toes the podiatrist has recommended running shoes - of a specific type (read: expensive).  As they only last about 1000kms he thinks that I will be buying 2 new pairs in January 2018, and taking them both with me on the Camino.  One drying, and one wearing, swapping each day.  No BOOTS! I have always walked in boots, so this was out of left field for me, especially as I have never bought a pair of trainers new ever.  I once got a cheap pair from a second hand shop, but they were rubbish and I reverted to the boots.

Trainers and jeans are not a fashion choice I would ever make, so I am having to suck that one up and put up with looking like a dingbat.

Still, onwards and upwards...