Making Gaiters

"Why buy it when you can make it" is one of the mantras of my life. Sometimes trying to make stuff is not actually beneficial, or cheaper. But there is a lot of fun stuff which happens too. And sometimes some serendipitous stuff.

Much of the walk to Santiago de Compostela is on hard surfaces, gravel, roads, paths.  Think "Otago Rail Trail" type surfaces.  Several people on the facebook group I follow have suggested gaiters to keep out stones and drifting dirt. Not old fashioned, elasticated, tarpaulin, heavy things.  But lightweight - not waterproof.

Dirtygirl gaiters were mentioned and so, as you do, I went and had a sniff around her website.

Then I planned my own.  First attempt, with merino was not very successful, but here are the second attempts and I am so pleased with them!

 Velcroed to the shoe at the back of the heel, and hooked on the front at the laces. They will stop anything getting in through the top of the shoe and at the back, and even through the lacings. (I hope!)